(R34P) is a soft fork and constructed as a secondary layer on Reflect Finance (RFI) project.

What is R34P?

RE4P (R34P) is a soft fork and constructed as a secondary layer on Reflect Finance (RFI) project. R34P (R34P) token benefits every holder with a low-cost charge of 1% fee in every transaction on the blockchain, redistributes to every wallet holder automatically based on the amount of R34P token in their wallets and another 1% will be sent to 0x000 wallet that will automatically burn and reduce the circulation / total supply.

Fair Tokenomics

Rewards: 1% On Every transaction split between holders, Burn: Every transaction triggers a 1%.

Listed on Uniswap

R34P is now tradeable on the Uniswap Decentralised Exchange.

Locked Liquidity

Liquidity has been Locked, No Dev tokens, No paid shillers to dump & a Fair Distribution.

Community Driven & Fair Launch project

R34P sends rewards directly to liquidity providers and holders with out the need to claim allowing the holder to constantly increase the % of the total supply they hold which in turn makes their rewards bigger, at the same time the total supply/circulating supply is being burned, creating a compounding effect which results in an exponential growth curve.<br /> (If you're having trouble buying R34P try using 2.5-5% slippage!)

Join the R34P Community!

We saw the huge potential of $R3P and decided to launch own our, $R34P, which will have no massive dev wallets and will be launched fairly! Join us on our Telegram page for Community Support and Frequent Updates!

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( $364,976 / $682,103 ) Liquidity Locked
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Circulating Supply
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